Birds flying signifying the hope Enhertu has brought to secondary breast cancer patients

Enhertu for Secondary Breast Cancer: Science and Stories

Trastuzumab deruxtecan (Enhertu®) is used to treat certain secondary breast cancers. This blog delves into the science while looking at the real experiences of patient’s on this drug.

An image of flowers and the sky to signify hope for HER2-low breast cancer patients

What is HER2-low Breast Cancer?

HER2-low is a new way to characterise breast cancer. In short, many previously considered HER2-negative breast cancer patients can now be considered HER2-low. This provides a new treatment target for many secondary (metastatic, advanced) breast cancers. 


Chemotherapy and breast cancer: All you need to know

Chemotherapy (often called chemo) is a common treatment for breast cancer. Here we look at how chemotherapy works, different types and what to expect. You can find useful tips to help you to manage side effects and prepare for treatment.


All about secondary HR+ breast cancer (with Make2ndsCount)

In the first blog of our series in partnership with Make2ndsCount, we explore hormone receptor positive secondary breast cancer. Find out all the treatment options and the latest advances for this type of cancer.

OWise and Make 2nds Count Partnership Blog Series

Secondary Breast Cancer: Blog Series with Make 2nds Count

We have partnered up with the charity Make 2nds Count to launch an innovative six-part blog series. Every second Thursday we will look at the different types of secondary breast cancer and treatments available. We will also be hearing from patients about their own experiences.


Secondary HR+ Breast cancer – What’ve hormones got to do with it?

Have secondary hormone receptor positive breast cancer? Find out your treatment options and the latest advances for this subtype.