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What is OWise?

Already used by thousands, OWise is your own personal cancer support app to help you regain control of your life from the first day of diagnosis. Let OWise support you with safe and reliable information while collating valuable insights about your day-to-day wellbeing that can assist your medical team in making informed decisions about on-going treatment.

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Regain control

Personalised insights

A cancer diagnosis can be extremely stressful and emotional. Let OWise deliver personalised information about your diagnosis and treatment to empower and inform you throughout. Helping you have better discussions with your doctor.

Everything in
one place

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with information following your diagnosis.  OWise keeps all of your information such as appointments, prescriptions and doctor’s notes in one place so that you can easily and simply access them at any time for reference. 

Better communication

OWise helps you track and review precisely how you have been feeling. Sharing this with your care team can help them to better understand your side effects and symptoms to deliver the best care possible.

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Medically validated &
scientifically sound

Searching online for information can be confusing and often misleading causing further stress. Created by medical scientists, OWise has been proven to successfully support cancer patients*, accredited by NHS Digital and listed in the NHS apps library. It is the independent, trusted source of expert advice that gives you credible, impartial and evidence-based information.

As we care a lot about your privacy protection, our app and website do not use third-party cookies. That way, you know that by using OWise products you will not be subjected to unwanted targeted advertising. 

*Clinical studies have demonstrated that OWise can help you with the communication with your care team.

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OWise support

How it works

OWise how it works

Easy and accessible

Simply answer a few questions about your diagnosis to immediately access personalised medical information. Feel more at ease, keep everything in one place, track your wellbeing, access tailor-made questions, and much more. OWise is your reliable, personalised and valuable cancer support app.

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We have listened to you!

OWise is the breast cancer support app designed for and recommended by thousands of patients.  Thanks to valuable feedback and new ideas from our users, we have now launched a new version of OWise breast cancer. Download it now and please let us know what you think of it. We look forward to your feedback!

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OWise support

What our users say

The app gave me a familiar feeling in a difficult time of continuously changing faces and feelings.

What our users say

OWise is an invaluable tool to give peace of mind that supports during stressful treatment periods. It is easy to use with clear guidance.

What our users say

OWise was invaluable for helping my care team to review any changes in my treatment and effects. It took all my fear away.  

What our users say

Keeping an overview of ongoing treatments was difficult with so many doctors and appointments, but the app made me feel in control.

What our users say

OWise enables me to record precisely my experiences. That way I can have a meaningful conversation with the oncologist.

What our users say

I have used OWise and tracked my well being intensively. I can say from the bottom of my heart that it has been a tremendous support for me.

What our users say

My world collapsed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But with OWise I gained control of my life again.

What our users say

When I go to chemo every 3 weeks and they ask how I’ve been, I have a precise record of side effects and when they happened. It takes all my fear away.

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