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Anne Bruinvels
Founder and CEO

Dr. Anne Bruinvels is a life sciences entrepreneur. Prior to setting up Px, Anne was Executive Director of the European Personalised Medicine Association (EPEMED). Previously, she founded Curidium, a personalised medicine company focused on identifying companion diagnostics and therapeutics to treat patients with central nervous system disorders more effectively. She is a pharmacist by training and has a PhD in molecular neuroscience. She has received a number of awards and prizes for leadership and innovation and was awarded a NHS Innovation Fellowship.

During a career break I spoke to a friend diagnosed with breast cancer, and realised she was so traumatised by the lack of information as well as the continuous fear she was living with. I realised that we needed more personalised patient support, which could be delivered through an app.”

David Bruinvels
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. David Bruinvels started his medical career in 1991 at the Leiden University Medical Center. He completed his PhD in Epidemiology, focusing on the follow-up care after colorectal cancer surgery. In 1998, David switched to public health and specialised in the field of occupational medicine. Then, he shifted his focus and became a pioneer in the field of helping patients return to work after cancer. At the Netherlands Cancer Institute, he set up the breast cancer rehabilitation clinic to help breast cancer patients in particular.

“Information collected with OWise will help us to gain valuable insights that we can share with clinicians to improve clinical outcomes. There is power in numbers and that is exactly where apps like OWise will make the difference. When used in an ethical way, user data can fill in the blank spots in medical evidence that were never reached by clinical trials.”

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Grace Burton
OWise Programme Manager

Grace is our current intern at Px HealthCare. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences last year from Imperial College London and has been working with the OWise team since January 2020.

“I really believe that the key to improving healthcare will be in the shift from the generalisation to the personalisation of medical treatments, and I think the use of mobile health apps, such as OWise, have the ability to move this forward.”

Hanna Al-Metrami
OWise Programme Manager

Hanna recently graduated from University College London with an integrated Masters degree in Biochemistry. Her previous research experience was in the field of bioinformatics and focused on improving computational methods that looked at predicting novel drug targets. The combination of science and technology led to her interest in digital health and this is why she was excited to join Px.

I have always wanted to pursue a career whereby I can utilize my skills and knowledge to make an immediate impact on improving healthcare. When I came across OWise, I saw that they were trying to reduce the current technology gap in health care by using an app to help patients feel more in control and I knew it was something that I would love to be a part of.”

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Mehul Bamania
Senior Java Developer

Mehul graduated in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire where he developed a passion for writing smart code to automate just about any manual process he sees. He has worked across Europe and the Middle East helping major clients such as The Scottish Government, KLM Airlines and Comfone AG. He joined Px in September 2019 looking to put all of his skills and experience to test by helping patients.

I have a natural interest in writing code that can automate a manual process and help people. Combining this passion with developing an application that can help those with cancer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” 

Patricia Gallego
Senior Programme Manager

Dr. Patricia Gallego’s background is in biomedical engineering and she joined the team on completion of her PhD in Neuroscience at Imperial College. In her doctoral research project, she studied the relationship between the inflammation in multiple sclerosis and neurotransmission. Her research was placed at the intersection of clinical, biomedical and computing research labs. To complement her scientifical background, Patricia currently studies psychology to understand health and human behaviour from a more socio-psychological perspective. In 2020 Dr Patricia Gallego Delgado joined Px HealthCare as a Senior Programme Manager.

“I believe that in the future the consulting room should be democratised. In other words, the physician monologue should become a dialogue in which the opinion of both patient and doctor will be listened to and respected by both parties.”

Image of Patricia
Portrait of Selwyn

Selwyn Kramer
Chief Technology Officer

Selwyn started his first teleworking IT company with his dad in 1991 and since then he has founded four more IT companies in different fields, two of which are still active today. For the last 15 years he’s mostly been involved in data sensitive mission critical software development for emergency services and military contractors. Selwyn’s specialties are analysing mobile and server trends, and enabling new product development at the right time.

“When I met Anne and she told me what OWise was about I knew that this could help people take back some control. I also believe state of mind is essential to recovery and I’m convinced OWise makes a difference.”

Shaun Gupta
Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Shaun Gupta began his career in data science/analytics as an Oxford PhD candidate in Particle Physics, working as part of the ATLAS collaboration where he analysed terabyte scale data produced from collisions at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN. He then completed the S2DS course aimed at preparing academic researchers for a career in Data Science in industry, during which he worked with PrecisionLife (formerly RowAnalytics). In 2017, he joined IQVIA aiming to improve patient diagnosis and treatment by working on algorithms designed to identify patients with rare diseases. He joined Px in early 2020 as a Senior Data Scientist.

“Working at Px HealthCare enables me to contribute to making healthcare more efficient and personalised by realising a future where digital health tools are an integral part of the patient-doctor relationship.”



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