Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a code to sign up?

No codes are needed to sign up or use the app. 

Do I need to answer all the treatment questions to use the app?

No, you can just choose the “I don’t know” option. However, if you answer more questions, your report and suggested questions for your question lists will be more personalised. 

Can I use the app on a new Android phone with version 12 or above?

The mobile app does not work yet on phones with Android version 12 or above. We’re working hard to upgrade it to run on these phones. In the meantime, please check out the OWise web app: It has the same functions and you can seamlessly swap to the mobile app on your Android device when we’re ready. Just watch this space!

What kind of data can I share with my doctor/cancer care team?

You can share your graphs showing your wellbeing data (Trends), as well as the notes in your diary. These functions have a “Share” function at the top right hand corner of the screen. 

How do I share my wellbeing data with my clinicians or loved ones?

Go to trends and click the box with an arrow icon. This will prompt you to share your data via email to anyone you wish. It also gives you the option to print if you prefer to take a physical print out of your trends to your consultation. If your hospital has an integrated version of OWise, click the “Share my data” icon from the main menu and follow the instructions on screen.

Why can I not export the audios stored in the app?

The audio recording option in the OWise app is safe. This means that you cannot edit or export the recording; you can only record, play and pause. We wanted to make sure doctors feel comfortable if you ask them to record the consultation – this way the conversation stays between you and your doctor.

How do I add another treatment to my plan?

Go to “My Treatment Plan” and click the + icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

My treatment isn’t an option in the app, how can I add this to my treatment plan?

If your treatment is not available in the drop-down menu, you can add it via the “other” option. Please contact us to notify us of your unlisted treatment so that we can add it to OWise.