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Understanding a prostate cancer diagnosis

Want to better understand your diagnosis? This blog will explore the different terms you may come across.

Urinary incontinence

Let’s Talk About: Urinary Incontinence and Prostate Cancer

Urinary incontinence is a commonly experienced side effect of prostate cancer. This blog explores what urinary incontinence is, ways to help you manage it and how OWise can help you to track it.


Tracking Prostate Cancer Side Effects with OWise

The OWise Prostate Cancer app allows you to track side effects and symptoms. This blog explores what you can expect from this feature.


To PRO or not to PRO? That’s not the question

The current pandemic has put enormous pressures on cancer care. The role of e-Health technologies in the management of cancer care is becoming more vital than ever.


The future of healthcare is through apps: A Siemens Healthineers Analysis

The team at Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has explored how digitalisation has impacted patient care. Find out how OWise can improve cancer care and how it can be integrated in a hospital setting.


Ground-breaking OWise mobile app for prostate cancer patients launched in the UK today

The OWise app has been co-designed with prostate cancer patients to support them with their treatment and life after diagnosis.


Digital health apps to transform cancer and dementia care

OWise for prostate cancer is currently under development. Read here to see OWise’s feature in The Herald and how the app hopes to benefit prostate cancer patients.

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Coping with guilt through expressive writing

Guilt is a complex emotion: it can come in many different forms and can be experienced for a variety of different reasons in the context of cancer, as well as in other aspects of life.

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Cancer-related fatigue is not “just tiredness”

Cancer-related fatigue is a common and weakening side effects of cancer. People with cancer know what being tired normally feels like; this feeling of fatigue is different.