Ground-breaking OWise mobile app for prostate cancer patients launched in the UK today

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London, 25 March 2021, Px, the digital health company dedicated to improving cancer patient experience and oncology outcomes, today announced the UK launch of its OWise mobile app platform for prostate cancer patients.

In the UK, one in eight men will get prostate cancer during their lifetime. Data from 20191 show that following their diagnosis, 62% did not receive a care plan from their NHS providers, leaving many prostate cancer patients anxious and distressed.

On the back of its success of the award-winning, NHS accredited OWise breast cancer app, Px has developed, and co-designed with patients and clinicians, the OWise prostate cancer app and website to give patients personalised support from the first day of diagnosis.

 OWise is a freely downloadable app that gives patients a range of personalised, self-management and shared decision-making tools to help them improve their wellbeing. It supports patients with customised, safe and reliable information based on the UK guidelines. By collating valuable insights about patients’ day-to-day wellbeing OWise also assists medical teams in making informed decisions about on-going treatment. 

OWise for prostate cancer has been positively received by both patients and clinicians. 

Rob (64), prostate cancer patient, said, “This new app is a valuable addition for men with prostate cancer who want to record useful information about their cancer over time. OWise works on two levels and can be used as a simple record of events but is also an up-to-date source of information on prostate cancer and related problems. A bonus feature is the Decision Aid option which helps men work out which treatment might be best for them.”

Professor Bhaskar Somani, Consultant Urological Surgeon at University Hospital Southampton, who is a widely published author on urology and technological innovation, commented, “A patient-facing app that empowers patients with the right information and shared decision-making tools at the right time, is exactly what was missing. OWise is a holistic solution that has the potential to transform how prostate cancer patients experience their diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.”

For more information about OWise Prostate Cancer please visit watch this video or contact Px Founder and CEO Dr. Anne Bruinvels via this form.

Twitter: @owiseprostate | Facebook:@owiseprostate 


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About Px HealthCare:

Px was established by medical scientists in 2012. The OWise breast cancer app was launched in the UK in 2016 on the back of its ongoing success in the Netherlands.

OWise was initially developed by Px founder, Dr. Anne Bruinvels. While Executive Director at the European Personalised Medicine Association, Anne realised that cancer patients’ experience following diagnosis is poorer than it needs to be, and can be much improved when patients are correctly informed and supported during treatment and recovery.

Anne is a pharmacist by training and has a PhD in molecular neuroscience. She is joined in Px by her brother Dr. David Bruinvels, a clinical occupational physician specialising in oncology, and a team of 10 biomedical scientists, software developers and data scientists.  

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