Security policy


Px HealthCare (Px) is a digital health company, which has developed the award winning OWise app to improve self-management, reporting, and quality of life for breast cancer patients. OWise is a real game-changer and has shown to empower patients during treatment and improve the patient-physician interaction. The CE marked and HIPAA compliant app collects fully anonymised real time Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data to improve oncology outcomes, both for the patient and the cancer population. State of the art digital and information security is part of the quality management system employed by Px.

Policy Statement

Px’s Security Policy sets out and affirms Px’s commitment to continued compliance with applicable legislation, directives and standards regarding the security and governance of information. Px holds and uses a great deal of anonymised information, much of it personal and confidential, and without which the OWise platform could not function. The Px places a very high importance on the security of any information that it maintains and recognises the role of information security in ensuring that its staff has only access to information that they require to fulfil their job duties. Keeping user data anonymous and secure is the cornerstone of the OWise platform.