Treatment options for Secondary Triple Negative Breast Cancer

“I want to be defined by what I am, not by what I am not” – Dr. Steven Isakoff. In the fourth blog of our partnership with Make2ndsCount, we explore the the science behind Triple Negative secondary Breast Cancer  (TNBC), as well as current and future treatments available.


All about secondary HR+ breast cancer (with Make2ndsCount)

In the first blog of our series in partnership with Make2ndsCount, we explore hormone receptor positive secondary breast cancer. Find out all the treatment options and the latest advances for this type of cancer.


Mastectomy and breast reconstruction: Your options

Surgery is one of the first treatments a breast cancer patient receives. Find out more about the different types of mastectomy and breast reconstruction.


The concept of neoadjuvant therapy in breast cancer

Find out about therapy before surgery (neoadjuvant) in breast cancer. In this blog, we cover
the main aspects, its impact on surgery and long-term outcomes.


Lumpectomy and radiotherapy: All you need to know

Find out everything about lumpectomy and radiotherapy, as well as some results from recent clinical trials, and useful tips for you to manage common side effects caused by these treatments.

Fear of recurrence

Demystifying fear of cancer recurrence

Fear of cancer recurrence is one of the most common psychosocial effects of cancer. Find out what it is and how to manage it.


Hot flushes: What causes them and how to manage them

Are you experiencing hot flushes? This blog explores what causes them and tips to help you manage them.


Tamoxifen: what you should and shouldn’t avoid

Tamoxifen is one of the widely prescribed breast cancer treatments for premenopausal women.But, did you know that the effectiveness of this drug can be boosted or compromised based on everyday foods and drinks?

Two women sitting back to back

Triple Negative and Me: TNBC and its treatments

If you have Triple Negative breast cancer, find out exactly what triple negative is and how it can affect your treatment plan.


Secondary HR+ Breast cancer – What’ve hormones got to do with it?

Have secondary hormone receptor positive breast cancer? Find out your treatment options and the latest advances for this subtype.

Mary Huckle

Mary Huckle speaks with us about Exercise and Cancer

Mary Huckle, a pilates instructor and personal trainer, lets us know how regular exercise can help people during their breast cancer treatment.


Q&A with OWise User: Allie Moon

Allie was part of user testing for the new OWise app. Read more about her experience in our latest Q&A.